A breakthrough: use better real estate photos listings!


I am writing this new post happy and very motivated because I’ve a been watching has greatly improved the image of the real estate product. I have a year and a half touring Asia and Australia with my home Staging and real estate photography courses and I can say, with pride, that at this time the things have changed a lot.

home staggingAt the end of 2014 almost all professionals that formed were unaware of what was the Home Staging and made photographs with compact cameras or mobile taking care of little or no composition. However, at the beginning of 2015 can ensure that the panorama to changed a lot. With pride I can say that there have been many professionals who have chosen to create the Department of Home Staging either hiring external services, as in photography, many agencies have SLR cameras and have learned to take pictures or have hired a photographer.

To offer Home Staging and professional photography services is becoming a great asset to achieve capture product exclusively and negotiate the selling price. Also companies who care for the image of your properties is are differentiating a lot in portals, representing them a clear competitive advantage.

My forecast for the next three years is that home staging services will be offered by at least 25% of the Australian realtors and real estate photography professionals. In my view, this professionalism of the companies will be that they distinguish between real estate of first and second level.

“World-class” companies will be those that offer high quality services, these go beyond the photography and Home Staging; They also undergo work exclusively, respect the concept of “seller’s agent” or “buyer’s agent” and share product.

Real estate “second-level” will be those working without taking into account the systems described above.

And in what place have decided to position yourself?

Plan ahead: good ideas for organizing your home.


If you want to know how to renovate your home so that it is beautiful, keep reading.
In this article explained you where you can start with the decor of your home, what are the essential steps that you must take and how to put the creativity on your part.

To have a beautiful and personalized place to live is well worth it. After all the beauty is very useful because it generates well-being.
When facing your home decor really you could start in a number of different places. However before you begin, it is essential to have a plan.

A plan is basically a set of well organized activities aimed at the achievement of a well defined goal.
To start your home decor project plan should include some important things:

It should at least make it clear which color scheme you have chosen.
Leave very clear decorative elements that will serve you as inspiration and that will be the focus of your interior decoration.
Whether you draw well and if not, make some sketches or schemes that stimulate your steps. They will help you to better distribute the things in the space that you have, and they will guide you and will save you frustration.

Decide what is the specific motivation that you have when decorating your home, i.e. one or more specific and stimulating reasons to finish your decorating.
It is a good idea to decorate something that will make you feel happy and be enjoyable for times to come.

Of all the steps you might take to decorate your interior properly, the two following are key;

The first key step is to put your plan on paper. It is not enough to have it in your memory.
Put the plan in writing on your computer or on paper if you choose.

It is important that your mind is uncluttered and free to make decisions as the project unfolds.

A plan is of course necessary to succeed with home decorating and renovating. But to some extent, planning your home decor is more about working for an art of guessing things than math.

Freeing your mind of things and ideas put everything in writing in a plan, you’ll be calmer.

The second key step is to determine the style you choose.

Style functions as a rule that you will serve as a criteria to make great decisions.

Now let’s talk about creativity. To be creative on your part is easy. Just follow these two steps:
Focus on doing more with less and start by using what you have.

To stimulate inspiration follow these pieces of advice:

Select between the decorative elements that you already have that you will use, and choose which you like the most.

There will always be considerations that have an impact on your moving: whether they are budget problems, furniture, structural issues or whatever.

Finally, proceed to use your imagination, put in writing several ideas that might work. Then investigate your proposals by researching the market to find additional solutions.

Well done if you’ve made it this far, I congratulate you if you’ve followed these steps.

Well, thanks to this reading, you already know how to start to decorate or move your home. You just need a good plan, a scheme of clear colours, a well-defined style and to make do using more with less.

Throw an exciting Hen’s Night party


As I recently got married I thought it would be an opportune time to share my tips for throwing a hens night.

Do you want to organize a bachelorette party and don’t know how to liven up the evening? Don’t worry, you have some nice games and other slightly more naughty to make sure the night doesn’t get boring. These are for the times when the Hen Parties gather family and friends of the bride.

If you are organizing an occasion with games you have to choose games with much success and good taste that will be done during the farewell. Here we must remember some games that are innocent but fun, that are going to have a very good receival. Select games that are a bit more in keeping with the personality of your friend, and even if you have time, you can customize them specifically for your friend.

1. Paper Wedding Dress: it is a classic in the Stag Hen Parties, but nonetheless it has not lost its charm and fun. You have to divide the guests in groups of about 5 people. Within each team players are divided to make the dress. In the end, a representative from each team, which will make wedding, tested the outfit and responsible for choosing the winning team will be the star of the night. For this game you will need scissors, paper, needles, thread and great creativity. As you organize the game, don’t forget to include you in the team of the friend that knows to cook and is very good with crafts!

2. Magical Cookbook: As it’s name suggests, the game is about making a special for the bride Cookbook. They can make one original which give a recipe for a special moment of life as a couple, for example, “meals to celebrate the first anniversary”, “meals for reconciliation after the first fight”, “meals for one night of passion”… let your imagination fly!

3. Roll Good From You: more than a game is a nice reminder that gets the bride. All guests to the farewell written on kitchen roll any advice or a phrase that you encouragement to undertake life in marriage. However, it can become a game if the bride has to guess who wrote each comment. Guess, the bride writes the name of the friend who has written that advice, but if you don’t mind getting hit, you can put a punishment.

4. the cucumber game: you will need a large cucumber, music and make a great circle between all the guests. One of them has to hold the cucumber between her knees and pass it to another of the guests should also take it with your knees. Thus, to the rhythm of music and with much sway, the cucumber is going to be passed to each other until the music stops, and that has been with the cucumber between the legs will be eliminated. How embarassing to pass the cucumber!

5. The Glass of Water: place a vessel with little water and give each guest a small beanbag, then get a glass and have that put between the legs. Play consists of placing the glass slightly away so that, one by one, the girls step up to the glass and drop the ball into the Cup. In addition to check who has aim and who do not, are supposed to be which put the coin into the vessel not Virgin. Will not urge, is only a game!

How to renew your house with charm!


Many times in life we want to renew the look of our home, but we make the mistake of thinking that it will involve major changes and reforms, in addition to a financial effort. But it is much simpler than that, you can change all the decoration of your home with a few simple details very easily and without great expense.

Here for you are some tips for transforming your home with charm, like for example how to make living areas brighter and even give a more personal touch to some elements of the House.


Changing the upholstery of some chairs will be a new look with which you can play to create contrasts with other elements or on the other hand, combine it with the same colors.

Murals or wallpapers: Added to a bedroom or even a terrace wall on the occasion that you choose, can completely change the look of the bedroom. You can pay someone to do it, but if you want to do it yourself there are templates that allow you to easily and quickly decorate the walls.

Pads and cushions: A simple change in pads, sheets, blankets, or cushions can change the look of the sofa completely, especially if you play with the contrast of colours and patterns even with the textures of the fabrics.
Room brightness: in winter it is more common to use thick curtains but now that we in the summer a change of curtains from thick to curtains of light fabrics, fabrics such as linen, muslin, etc. can be a great benefit.

Table decoration: exterior terraces or gardens tables are also very important in the whole of the decoration. So tablecloths can be combined with different colours and patterns as green with floral ornaments and vases of glass, giving a very natural look.

By applying these simple tips you can make a change in your home. They are available to anyone and can be made in one or two days with little to no financial investment. So get moving and breathe some new life into your home.